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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Men DO Eat Quiche

I know this is not a new concept or new idea. I mentioned to a friend of mine, who is the General Manager of GMC/Value Mart in Rome, that we were using their store made sausage to make a really good crustless quiche. I think without even thinking about it, he quickly said, “I do not like quiche.”

Well. Of course I responded that he would like mine!  That’s an awfully insistent and self-centered point of view I know, but honestly I think he would. I know he is a fellow foodie like Rob and I. He has always been great about offering cooking tips and recipes, as is his brother Kirk who manages the meat counter. And this recipe features the sausage that they make there at the store and with their very own sausage being the star – how could he not like it?

This crustless quiche recipe is super easy, very creamy and reheats well.  Rob and the girls just pop their piece in the microwave on day 2 and it’s a no fuss breakfast. And of course I’m determined to take some over to Shane to get him to try… and like. Proving once again that I’m right.

Tracy’s Supereasy Crustless Sausage Quiche That Shane Will Love

5 eggs
1 ½ cup of half and half
1 pound GMC store made breakfast sausage
2 cups cheddar cheese mix
pinch of salt
pinch of nutmeg
Whip eggs and then add in half and half and whip a little more. Mix salt and nutmeg in with egg mixture. Be sure to go easy on salt, the sausage will add quite a bit.

Cook and drain sausage.

Use cooking spray to prepare pie plate and then sprinkle bottom of pie plate lightly with bread crumbs or corn meal – whichever is handy.

Spread sausage out in bottom of pie plate. Cover with cheese. Pour egg mixture in on top.

Bake for about 25 minutes on 350 in a pre-heated oven. Test to make sure it springs back slightly for doneness before removing. Occasionally this recipe will take longer; it really depends on the size of the eggs so test before removing. Should have a nice light golden tone to the top when removing.


  1. I promise, I will try the sausage quiche recipe. It sounds really good. Its just that word quiche that's scaring me! Shane

  2. Hahaha! :-) Just for you it will now be called the Sausage and Egg Pie!